Gailene Stock Memorial Award 2018

David Peden & Yasmine Naghdi Workshop


2018年 開催日程決定 !

ヤスミン・ナグディー  Yasmine Naghdi


3日(金)4日(土)5日(日) ワークショップ 


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ヤスミン・ナグディー  Yasmine Naghdi

GSMA2017 Level.2クラス指導

ヤスミン・ナグディー  Yasmine Naghdi

ジゼル Feb 2018 デビュー / ROH

ヤスミン・ナグディー  Yasmine Naghdi

「くるみ割り人形」より金平糖の精 / ROH



GSMAアーティスティックアドバイザーDavid Peden が1995年から英国で発刊され、世界30ヶ国以上で購読されている月刊バレエ情報誌Dance Europe2018年2月号に、ロイヤルバレエ団及びインターナショナルゲスト教師としてインタビュー記事が掲載されています。日本で開催3年目を迎えるGSMAワーク・ショップについての紹介もあります!


過去のGailene Stock Memorial Award


英国ロイヤルバレエスクール、オーストラリアバレエスクール 両校を名実共に世界のトップスクールに育てた故ゲイリーン ストック女史を記念したワークショップを行います。

アワードの受賞者は8月2日~8月5日までの4日間の開催期間中、受講する3日間のワークショップを通して選考されます。競い合う事よりも、参加者の皆さんが英国ロイヤルバレエスタイルの真髄に触れ、理解の過程が重視されることが特徴です。受賞者には、ゲイリーン・ストック メモリアル アワード2018奨励賞、カナダナショナルバレエスクール、オーストラリアバレエスクール、ニュージーランドスクールオブダンス、スイス バーゼル劇場バレエスクール、他、各校の本コース短期留学、等のスカラシップが贈られます。

ストック女史より絶大な信頼を得、ロイヤルバレエスクール (R.B.S.) で15年間教師を務めたデーヴィッド・ピーデン氏と、ホワイトロッジ時代からストック女史の愛弟子で、現在ロイヤルバレエ団プリンシパルとして若手で注目のヤスミン・ナグディが、ワークショップを直接指導致します。


Participants for the Gailene Stock Memorial Award are judged based on their improvement during three day workshop and the best candidates will be awarded. The workshop is not so much about the competition but more about enhancing the opportunity to learn the Royal Ballet style. This aspect is unique compared to other competitions in which they are only judged based on their performances. Talented candidates are awarded with the scholarship (two to four week tuition opportunity in Australian Ballet School, The New Zealand School of Dance, Canada's National Ballet School, Ballettschule Theater Basel) and around 10 other candidates will be awarded with the Young Dancer Award. David Peden, who taught at the Royal Ballet School for 15 years, had earned himself an enormous trust from Gailene Stock. In order to support young ballet dancers, and to carry on her legacy, David will teach the workshop together with the guest teacher, Yasmine Naghdi, who was Gailene's student during her time at the White Lodge. Yasmine is a Principal of The Royal Ballet and one of the most promising dancer in the company. The workshop in 2018 takes place from 2nd to 5th of August. We hope participants will benefit from this wonderful opportunity and make this experience useful for improving their skills.




ヤスミン・ナグディー  Yasmine Naghdi


"The most important thing for a young dancer is to enjoy the journey and work hard with complete focus and to achieve the desired result which will enable them to fulfil their potential to become a professional dancer."

David Peden



Melbourn 2012
photo:Jean Stewart



"I am so pleased the GSMA is now able to go ahead. This will be a truly wonderful commemorative award in Gailene's name and a testament to the ever endearing memory of a great person. She was an inspiration to the ballet world and especially those that came into contact with her. To the hundreds of students she nurtured and mentored at The Royal Ballet School and Australian Ballet School and who have now forged and attained their professional careers, this award will be an exciting tribute and accolade to her life's work.

Her family and I want to thank everyone involved for honouring a much loved and admired human being. I congratulate the winner of this inaugural award and know that Gailene would be very proud and heartened by this all happening. Gailene's legacy is immense and her association in Japan has always been a dear one to her heart. This award now and for the future will be a valuable continuation of her name and she will be remembered always for it."

Feb.2016   Gary Norman

ゲイリーン・ストック メモリアルアワード誕生




29th April 2016

GSMA ディレクター 中村道子

“Gailene Stock Memorial Award (GSMA) was founded in 2016 to commemorate Gailene Stock CBE AM (28 January 1946 - 29 April 2014) who was very supportive of passionate young dancers in Japan. Gailene visited Japan several times in her life time to encourage dancers. I am grateful to invite David Peden, who taught ballet in the Royal Ballet School for 15 years and earned the enormous trust from Gailene, as an artistic advisor for the GSMA. Through this workshop, we are hoping that Gailene’s legacy will continue to live and inspire the next generation.

I met Gailene in 2005 when she came to Japan for the Royal Ballet School’s performance and to teach in the workshop. I was very impressed to see the performance by trained young students and their refined manner on the stage. The high level presentation which has been passed on throughout a long history in the Royal Ballet School is breathtaking. Since then, I had met Gailene several times and we continued to exchange emails. She was an accomplished director as well as a great teacher. I still recall her perfect positioning which she showed to students during the class and her elastic and elegant movement. I hope enthusiastic young dancers will benefit from this workshop and the award will continue to be a hope for future dancers.”

29th April, 2016

GSMA Director,

Michiko Nakamura

Scholarship Schools 
National Ballet School of Canada
The Australian Ballet School
New Zealand School of Dance
Ballettschule Theater Basel